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Significance of Introduction Content in a Book

There is usually some prints on the starting pages in a book which many people wonder about. Many times most people just skip that information since they do not see any importance in reading it. This information, however, contains very important content that should be read. This information in those few first pages of a book is what is referred to as the front matter.

Front matter is usually considered the section that contains all the initial information and is usually the shortest in any given book. Front matter can also be referred to in other words as preliminary matter. Some books only contain the title in the preliminary matter. The preliminary matter can consist of the title as well as other added material. In addition to the title of the book, the front matter may include prologue and preamble. The introduction of the book as well as the preface can be contained in the preliminary matter together with a number of title pages.

It is common practice that the preliminary matter differs due to the printing style of a given book. This is usually different for different publishing companies. There are various kinds of contents that are found in the preliminary matter.

An example of preliminary matter is when we have a page that only contains the title referred to as the half title. In the half title, the subtitle of the book and the name of the writer are usually not included. Title pages usually follow in after the half title in the preliminary matter. The title pages contain information that includes the full title, author’s name, as well as other titles.

Various books may contain various content on the title pages. Additional information about the production of the book may also be contained in the title pages of the book. Content regarding reprinting of the book and the actual event of printing can also be found here. Many more details can be found on the title pages.

In most cases the author of the book may include the pledge to the book and this will be contained in the preliminary matter. This section usually indicates the names of the people that the author chooses to write the book to. Many authors usually find the need to write down a quote in the front matter. An epigraph is the echo put across by the writer in the front matter.

The table of contents is also contained in the front matter of a book. This is usually midway in the front matter section and it could be just plain or giving more information. Information pertaining the various sections of the books is usually found in the table of contents. The writer may at times acknowledge people who contributed in the publication of the book.

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