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What are the Advantages of Self-publishing Over Traditional Publishing

When you want to publish a book you can either choose to publish it yourself or go the traditional way. You should also be aware that there are advantages and disadvantages to each of the methods that you decide to use. But in this article, we are going to discuss some of the benefits of self-publishing over the traditional method.

To start with, it is beneficial to publish a book yourself because of the creative control. The good news with self-publishing is that you will be in a position to take full control of all the processes such as writing, editing, design and printing out the publication. You should know that it is also upon you to decide whether you would want to hire an expert to guide you through stages or you will be good to go yourself. One thing that you should know is that you are in control and whatever the decision you make you will not need to consult anybody and thus how it will be.

Besides, it is essential to choose self-publishing over traditional publishing because of the financial rewards. The last thing that you would not want is somebody to be paid for your efforts. The good news is that in self-publishing is that every money you get from selling your publication will all be yours without sharing like with conventional publishing. One good thing about this is that you will be in a place to use your hard earned money to pay for more advertising so that you can get your book out there for everyone.

Besides, self-publishing is beneficial because of the pricing control. In this case, you will be privileged to decide how much your book is going to cost. You find that your book will never lose readers if you decide to sell it at some affordable price. Besides, you will also be in a position to make several friends and boost readership with lower price tags. Being that you are in total control you will also be in a position to give discounts to your readers. On the other hand, traditional publishing pricing is controlled by a group as this can make the book to be expensive and attract few readerships.

Apart from that, self-publishing will also give you networking opportunities. You find that going through the book publishing process will make you visit different places and platforms where you will meet with different groups of people. One good thing with these people you meet is that they can help in popularising your book which will see you generate a lot of sales in return.

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